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Jewelry Care

Each piece is made with love by us, meant to be cherished by you, and will continue to shine with proper care. We’re confident in the quality of our pieces, which is why they come with a two-year warranty in case of any potential defects from the materials or workmanship. Follow our jewelry care instructions below to enjoy your jewelry for years to come.

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General Guide

• Avoid chemicals: Limits exposure to harsh chemicals, perfumes, and lotions to ensure longevity.

• Clean often: To clean, gently buff the piece with a soft, dry cloth until discoloration or marks disappear.

• Store safely: When not worn, store in a safe, dry place to protect against daily exposure.

• Remove for activities: Remove your jewelry before doing activities that risks physical damage.

Care Guides by Material

For more information about our materials, explore our jewelry materials page.

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