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From the Founder

"In a cozy LA studio in 2021, amid the bustling market vibes, our journey began. With just three artisans, we embarked on a mission to create unique yet affordable fine jewelry. Etsy was our starting point, where each piece was infused with passion and dedication.

From those early days, our commitment to quality resonated with customers seeking something special. Each piece became a labor of love, sparking conversations and connections.

Today, 'Someone & HerOwn' has grown from a humble studio to a team of 15. We truly appreciate our customers. As a small local business, our values remain unchanged—we prioritize excellence and ethical practices, supporting local talent, and giving back to our community.

Reflecting on our path, we're grateful for every step—the highs, the lows, and the unwavering support of our customers. As we look ahead with gratitude and excitement, we know our story is far from over."


"Someone & HerOwn" founder & head designer

Handmade in LA
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What Makes Us "Someone & HerOwn"

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